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Migraine Go & Cramp Aid Roll On 9ml – Combo

1)  Migraine roll on 9ml
2) Cramp aid roll on 9 ml

Find relief from headaches and migraines with our GON Migraine Go Roll-On. Infused with a refreshing minty aroma and a powerful blend of essential oils including Lavender, Cajuput tree oil, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Gandhpura oil, Peppermint, and Jojoba oil, this roll-on provides a soothing and calming sensation to help alleviate headache and migraine symptoms.

Relieve menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms with our GON Cramp Aid Roll-On.

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Experience fast and effective relief from headaches and migraines with our GON Migraine Go Roll-On. Crafted with a unique blend of essential oils known for their calming and soothing properties, this roll-on offers a natural solution for those seeking relief from the discomfort of headaches and migraines.

The minty aroma of the Migraine Go Roll-On creates a refreshing and invigorating sensation that helps to ease tension and promote relaxation. Lavender essential oil, renowned for its calming effects, works to reduce stress and anxiety, which are often triggers for migraines. Cajuput tree oil and Rosemary essential oil provide cooling and soothing sensations, helping to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Eucalyptus essential oil offers a refreshing and uplifting aroma, promoting a sense of clarity and relieving sinus congestion that may accompany migraines. Gandhpura oil is known for its analgesic properties, providing natural pain relief. Peppermint essential oil adds a cooling effect to the roll-on, providing a soothing sensation on the temples and forehead.

The roll-on formula combines these powerful essential oils with Jojoba oil, which acts as a carrier oil, allowing for easy application and quick absorption into the skin. Simply roll the applicator onto the temples, forehead, and back of the neck, and gently massage for better absorption and relief.

Whether you suffer from occasional headaches or frequent migraines, our GON Migraine Go Roll-On is designed to provide you with targeted relief whenever you need it. Take control of your well-being and experience the natural power of essential oils to soothe and alleviate headache and migraine symptoms.

Say goodbye to menstrual cramps and embrace a more comfortable menstrual experience with our GON Cramp Aid Roll-On. Designed to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with menstrual cramps and general PMS symptoms, this roll-on is a must-have for women seeking natural relief.

Our Cramp Aid Roll-On combines the power of carefully selected key ingredients to provide effective relief. Yarrow essential oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce inflammation and ease muscle tension. Ajwain seed oil is traditionally used to relieve abdominal pain and cramps, while Clary saga essential oil helps balance hormones and regulate menstrual cycles.

Genda oil, Lavender essential oil, and Nirgundi oil work synergistically to calm the mind and body, promoting relaxation and reducing stress, which can exacerbate menstrual symptoms. Jojoba oil provides a nourishing and soothing base for the roll-on, ensuring gentle application and absorption into the skin.

To use, simply roll the applicator over the lower abdomen and any other areas experiencing discomfort. Massage gently for better absorption. The convenient roll-on format allows for easy application anytime, anywhere, providing instant relief when you need it most.

Experience the soothing and comforting effects of our GON Cramp Aid Roll-On. Let go of the discomfort and embrace a more enjoyable menstrual cycle. Take control of your well-being with our natural and effective solution for menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms.


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